Sunday, August 14

Free Printable Autumn Banner with Pipberries

This might be fun - get a start of fall and get out of the late-summer doldrums!

A couple of free files are available from my account at It's safe to download from there, from the paid-for accounts. 

Just CLICK the links and SAVE the file. The files are HUGE. They print out the right size.  


Save the PLAIN one at the bottom of this post directly from the blog if you like, too.

Each letter of the banner is about 3" x 5.25 inches. Pretty large. There are two sheets. It spells out AUTUMN. Just little punkins with some pipberries coming off the stems. You know I am plumb punkin crazy. 

Don't save this picture below. It won't print right, it will be really small. Go get the real files from sendspace. You can click this picture and a bigger version will open so you can see if you want to go get the files or not.

WITH THE BANNER FILES, SAVE don't OPEN the link when prompted! Open once it's on your own computer!

Sheet 1 AUT

Sheet 2 UMN

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy the banner! You can switch the U's around, you know.

Here is a PLAIN ONE, too - CLICK it to let the HUGE FILE LOAD - then CLICK AGAIN to make the BIGGEST IMAGE load - THEN download and save onto your computer!!!