Sunday, December 20

Rustic Country Snowmen Tags to Color

Years ago I had the idea to make coloring books for "adult colorists." The idea wasn't orginal: Dover Publications long had such inexpensive booklets. Theirs were mostly drawn from classical sources. I wanted to make something a little more homey, a little more "country." But, alas, although I made a good start on designing such books, I never finished.

Now it's all the rage. There was an entire table of such books at the bookstore tonight, by new designers. Quite a few young people were picking them up and buying them. Hipsters are undoubtedly sipping some exotic "artisan" brew and quietly coloring in bohemian coffeehouses even as I type this (using colored pencils or crayons with locally sourced pigments and sustainable bamboo casings, no doubt). Actually, it's a sweet thought: People engaged in creating, and maybe getting at least a shadow of the innocent joy that getting a coloring page in elementary school could bring.

To that end, here are some tags you can print out and color. They look nice, if a bit drab, in plain sepia, as well. But it might be relaxing to color a few. I use Prismacolor colored pencils and recommend them. The bargain pencils can bring much frustration to beginning or casual artists, because their pigment load is low and the binder is high, and it makes for a very hard and dull pencil. New artists mistake the failure of the implement to be their failure, when it's nothing of the sort. Good tools, good artists, I say.

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