Tuesday, January 29

Gratis, Free: Lovely Pink "Victorian" Valentines for 2013 to Print and Cut!

Okay dearies - here are some pretty tags for Valentine's featuring some roses I had and some other little decorations put on the tags.

I think clear or white glitter would be so lovely on these. Or touches of deep red, bronze, or tone-on-tone pale pink.

I like glitter on everything, except my poor eyes. Very uncomfortable!

AS ALWAYS use the link. Don't use the little picture. I don't think it will print right. 

Okay, the sendspace.com link. Get it while you can, because I'm very iffy on keeping on paying for sendspace.


I may try Facebook again. I just don't understand it. I don't "get" what it is all about. I have seen so many weird alterings of people's lives that I am not sure I want to get involved in it again. Sometimes I think people want to pretend things on Facebook.

Off to scramble some eggs for dinner. I guess if I'm practicing for Facebook I should say I'm about to have the MOST DELICIOUS and exclusive sauted Thai-style Oeufs de Buerre, and hubby and I will be dining off gold plates in romantic candlelight. Never mind that there's a cat under the table hacking up a hairball, we are eating off chipped plates (but the least-chipped of my set), and the eggs are a ghastly lukewarm.

Thank'ee for stopping by!

Thursday, November 22

The Loveliest Christmas Tags Yet - Vintage Images of Santa and More

And here we have my 2012 Christmas Free Tag set. All nine tags print out on a single sheet of cardstock or paper. 

I think this is one of my loveliest sets of tags. Why is it offered free? I have benefitted from so much shared on the Internet. This is my way to give back and to maybe get something pretty into the hands of someone who is suffering in this economy.

Thank you for viewing this blog, for shopping in my Etsy shop, and using my little tags and blog graphics.

Please use the LINK to download your free set from my pro account at sendspace.com. It's completely safe, and it's not confusing like the free download sites.

If you download this smaller file, the tags will print out very small and horrid.



Here is the preview of the tag set:

Friday, November 2

Over the River and Through the Woods...

That's actually a Christmas song, but since poor Thanksgiving has no Thanksgiving Carols, it was grabbed and pasted to that holiday.

Here are Thanksgiving tags that you can download, SAVE, and print.

These tags have a "primitive" look, like an old-fashioned rustic find.

These are free for you to use, but not to sell as a digital file. You can sell the tags you print, of course...maybe at a holiday crafts fair?

Six full-sized tags, three smaller ones. As always, my tags print on a regular letter-sized sheet of paper or cardstock.

As always, don't save this little "preview" file. SAVE THE CORRECT full-sized file that is hosted professionally on sendspace.com. If you click the little preview file, it will LOOK big but print small. USE THE LINK!

Here is the link to use:

Thank'ee for dropping by...we are careening towards Christmas already...