Saturday, November 28

Pretty Christmas Free Printable Tags

Dearies, I don't know if your computer has the same settings as mine. I can call up an image from storage in my Pictures Folder by double-clicking it, and it will automatically have "Print" as an option, and will allow me to print it from huge down to multiple smaller copies on a single sheet of paper.

I hope you likewise have that option. I know that when I take images on a thumb drive over to Office Depot or Staples, they can also print multiple copies on a single cardstock sheet. 

Tomorrow I think I'll start posting whole sheets of tags, the ones I used to sell on Etsy, via Dropbox. I need to do a bit of research on how to use Dropbox - I've forgotten. I've forgotten quite a bit about the blogging world, too, and Google+ is new to me.

Anyhoo, here are a few Christmas tags ye may like to print. Thank'ee for dropping by and I hope ye enjoy.

Friday, November 27

Wish Book Memories: 1960's Plastic Wreath

A "pop-up" thrift store that is all Christmas items opened recently. All proceeds are for charitable causes. I went through the store (much to husband's dismay) and found this vintage mid-century "Della Robbia" wreath and had to get it, for $3 - probably the same price it sold at orginally.

I call this post "Wish Book Memories" because of the joy looking through the Sears Christmas Wish Book brought into my sad childhood. I loved the very smell of the thin pages, and spent the most time not in the Toy Section, but among the splendid pages of the Christmas decorations.

Thank'ee for stopping by.

Thursday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving, Elf Friends

I hope wherever you are, that you are having a lovely Thanksgiving.

Do you like the image below? You can right-click any image to save it. For most images, regular click it first, then right-click once the larger image loads.

Thank'ee for stopping by.