Saturday, November 28

Pretty Christmas Free Printable Tags

Dearies, I don't know if your computer has the same settings as mine. I can call up an image from storage in my Pictures Folder by double-clicking it, and it will automatically have "Print" as an option, and will allow me to print it from huge down to multiple smaller copies on a single sheet of paper.

I hope you likewise have that option. I know that when I take images on a thumb drive over to Office Depot or Staples, they can also print multiple copies on a single cardstock sheet. 

Tomorrow I think I'll start posting whole sheets of tags, the ones I used to sell on Etsy, via Dropbox, or maybe they can just be posted now without the need for a secondary storage place. Things change so quickly in the blog world. I need to do a bit of research on how to use Dropbox - I've forgotten. I've forgotten quite a bit about the blogging world, too, and Google+ is new to me.

Anyhoo, here are a few Christmas tags ye may like to print. Thank'ee for dropping by and I hope ye enjoy.

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