Sunday, November 22

Why I Quit Blogging and Then Returned

Well, dearies, it's been a few years.

I stopped blogging for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was losing the enjoyment of posting as I pleased in favor of posting what I hoped would "monetize" the blog. Indeed, feeling pressure from my family and even the changing blogging culture to somehow turn a carefree jaunt into the blogging world into income sapped my joy and heaped guilt upon my poor head, although I did earn a meager amount. 

So, I left blogging. And then disaster struck in my real life, and it made going back to blogging feel impossibly fake. I was crushed, and I lost my voice for quite a long time, but recovered.

Now, here I am again, and with my original intent: To write a little bloggie that elf-friends might find amusing, and that I definitely find amusing, and to create pretty images for blogs and Facebook. Mayhap you will come along?


It's nearly Thanksgiving, and the burr oaks are dropping their acorns. These are huge acorns, and I can picture one featuring prominently at the squirrels' Thanksgiving table. With their frilly Colonial caps, I find them the most charming of the acorns.