Monday, November 30

White Christmas Tags to Print and Enjoy

I'll admit to watching "White Christmas" again and again, mainly for the smorgasbord scene. There's something about the idea of a quant inn with a giant fireplace and old-fashioned spread that speaks to my heart. I can just imagine being up at 2 a.m. and putting on a pretty housecoat and wandering over to the lodge lobby. 

Here is a link to a free sheet of "White Christmas" tags -- not the movie, but the snowy kind. I used to sell these on Etsy. They really do look nice when printed out on cardstock.

Or you can click the image below and SAVE or PRINT the sheet, depending on your computer and printer set-up. Finally, Blogger lets me upload huge files. If you click it and the image shows a little magnifying glass with a "+" on it, CLICK AGAIN to make it full-sized, then right-click to save!

Dropbox might put up a "Get a free account" window, but just click outside of it and then use the Download button if you don't have Dropbox and don't want a free account and want to download that way.

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