Thursday, December 24

Christmas Eve: Last Minute Tags for Handmade Gifts

These are for anyone who might be searching for a simple tag to add to a handmade gift. Sometimes when things are handmade, they take longer than expected. There can be considerable rushing around and often some eyestrain and panic involved.

I hope your Christmas Eve is a happy one. It's my most favorite time of the whole holiday season. We always eat Chinese takeout and just relax. My family is a tiny one, so it's just us three and our rescued pets, who are, to us, also family members. So it will be "catnip for everybody" and at least a solid hour of "throw the ball down the hall" for our dog.

Thank'ee for stopping by.

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  • Will

    Merry Christmas! These tags are beautiful. I love the pine design. I'm glad the kitties get something nice; rescued pets give back more than they are given, in a way. I love to see them warm and safe and sound, and know they are content.

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