Saturday, December 26

Making Cheer After Christmas Day

Quite a few people suffer from what is commonly termed "Post Holiday Sadness." After the excitement, lights, and preparations, afer the visits end and an entire year stretches out before one, along with possibly some regrets or fears associated with the passing year, some people's hearts become heavy.

What to do, what to do? I am a big believer in structure. I advise putting some structure in place immediately. Get up, get tidy, get ready for the day. 

Some ideas for structured actions: This is an excellent time to get a few of those large reusable grocery-type shopping bags, and set them up. Now pick a room or a dresser or a closet, and go through your belongings, removing any that you don't want or need. The "Ugly Christmas Sweater" that you bought for the office contest might not have won you the prize, but it might be just the thing someone else wants for next year. The "white elephant" gifts -- ditto. Books you read and enjoyed but not enough to keep - Out they go, to new homes and new adventures. 

This, too, is a time to look in your pantry. What did you buy that you didn't get around to making? A food bank would love to have your donation. After the holidays, the donations go down, but the need often rises. Many companies lay off workers right at Christmas (it just happened where I work, too). The boxes of jello and pudding -- they might be used by you in the coming year, but I think they might make a nice treat for someone in the near future, so share if you can! Did you buy too much? Don't browbeat yourself. Just share!

If you can't get yourself going, don't blame yourself about it! That's not being kind to yourself. Please be kind to yourself in 2016. Thank'ee.

Finally, get ready for Twelfth Night. More on that tomorrow, if the power stays on. We are going from weather in the 80's to a winter storm, with up to a foot of snow! Very strange!

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  • Anonymous

    What a great post . . . well not the weather report part. I hope you stay safe. But such good suggestions for folks who get the after-Christmas blues. Snowed most of the night here.

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Thank'ee GNGram thank'ee. While I'm just an Olde Dame and not a professional counselor, I hope some things I've learned from suffering in the past from this post-holiday sadness can help others struggling now.

  • Paula

    I don't necessarily have post-Christmas blues. It is more like Christmas blues period. I DID clean out a kitchen drawer yesterday. Put very little of it back in. Threw the rest in the trash. Felt good!!

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