Saturday, December 5

Some Prim Christmas Crow Tags for a Saturday

Some bloggers post Monday through Friday and omit weekend posts. I like to post each day, because I am someone who likes a stricter schedule. It just makes me feel more secure when I can "count" on someone posting, so I try to be that someone. When I was at home and not working, weekends made me very blue. It seemed that everything stopped cold.

So here are some tags to save and print. 

Blog years are like dog years: the blogging world moves so quickly. When I first blogged, Blogger couldn't handle huge files like my sheets of tags. I had to "host" them elsewhere. The same with animated GIFs - they had to be hosted elsewhere, and I used Photobucket at that time. Now, I can place my images within a post and visitors can click and save it, and it will print the correct size.

Remember, to save an image appearing within the posts, regular click, regular click again to enlarge it to full size, then right-click to save.

Thank'ee for dropping by.


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