Thursday, December 3

Thrifty Thursday - VINTAGE Christmas Cats Tags to Print

I have rescued several hundred cats over my lifetime. I do love them. We have a new stray hanging around the area, but I think he is feral. I can get nowhere near him. We are feeding him and leaving the garage door open a bit at night, in case he wants to come in and get into one of the blanket piles we have out. I'm glad to say he's fattening up.

Here is a set of vintage images of cats for Christmas. You can use the Dropbox link, or download it via the image. If you don't have a Dropbox account, you don't have to get one to click the Download button at the upper right of the Dropbox screen.

You can click the image below and SAVE or PRINT the sheet, depending on your computer and printer set-up. Finally, Blogger lets me upload huge files. If you click it and the image shows a little magnifying glass with a "+" on it, CLICK AGAIN to make it full-sized, then right-click to save!

Use the Pinterest button that appears when you hover your mouse over the image, if you want to share the tags on a board. Then they can click over and get their own Dropbox copy by using the link.

Thank'ee for stopping by, and I hope ye enjoy. Here's the link:

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