Monday, December 28

Time for A Little Winter Light

My dears, we must keep our spirits up. When the holidays are over, a melancholy can settle upon one, even if you valiantly tried to stave it off.  Some lucky souls aren't troubled by winter bleakness.Besides planning a "Twelfth Night" fest, I also make sure to have a "substitute" ready for when the tree comes down.

 I keep a string of lights out, and use it to decorate a little birdhouse I have. I usually have it decorated all the way through spring, first in a "frost" motif, then Valentine's Day, St. Pat's, and Spring. The corner where the wee tree stood doesn't look so lonely that way. 

This is the current birdhouse. I have a peach and pink berry garland twined around it, along with white lights. Fake succulents are stuck in the openings and at the bottom. It looks more springlike than it appears here. The berries look quite peachy in real life, without a hint of any autumn undertone.

It's prettier in person than it looks in the photograph.

Here it is lighted up (with each bulb painted over with a "parchment" hue of acrylic paint, so that it gives a softer glow), and in the corner where the tree stood:

Here, too, are some Valentine's tags. If I don't get a running start on a holiday, I end up in a terrible rush. Yes, dearies, always look forward.

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Thank'ee for stopping by. Tomorrow, MORE lore on Twelfth Night!

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