Tuesday, January 12

Free Printable Valentines Instead of Politics

Oh, I follow politics to an extent, but I'm already quite shocked at the intense concentration about who is on whose side in the 2016 presidential election. I don't like Facebook anyway, and I'm about run off of it now, by the exceedingly nasty partisan posts. Strong opinions I respect, but the supporters of this one or that one are now calling people who don't support "their" candidate all manner of mean names.

Why, one moment you're reading a bad recipe or looking at a picture (the tenth posted that morning) of someone's baby, and the next you're being called an idiot and compared with some dreadful historical figure. Waylaid by a political post, out of the blue!

I'd rather make Valentines and send them out in the world as ambassadors of calm, prettiness, and peace!

Here are some Valentine tags with a "patina" style. I'm wild about patinas on old metal objects.

Thank'ee for dropping by.

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  • Lil Raggedy Angie

    Merry Morning to ya! I couldn't agree more ... the world is an ugly place it seems lately and FACEBOOK is no exception and social media seems to be the place where folks seem to have forgotten how to behave proper and do unto others kindly , hence my recent return to blogging. Though convenient at times and swift , I find the negativity and drama to be overwhelming ! I would much rather visit "blogland" or Pinterest and relax and be inspired ! I love the tags , so very kind of you to share ! Wishing you peace and kindness for the remainder of your day . ~ hugs Angela

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    I'm glad you are back in Blogland, too, Angela!

  • Paula

    Facebook can definitely become an ugly place to hangout. People have no fear when they are hiding behind a keyboard. I love your Valentines. Can't wait to see the banner!! Hint! Hint!

  • marilyn

    I am enjoying your free stuff. I read your last post and hoping you are ok. Thank you for the free stuff and explaining how to print it.

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