Sunday, January 31

Ye False Spring, I Am Not Fooled

Oh, I was fooled, though. It was so much like spring, and I know better than to get all spring-feverish and be tugging hoses here and chopping with hoes there and plotting a run to the garden center to get the plants they put out for fools.

I've yet to have a Valentine's Day that wasn't take-your-breath cold here, and that's two weeks away. So I must hold steady and stay away from the plants until this false spring departs and winter blows and laughs its way back.

But I had company: The poor dandelions were fooled, too, as they are every year.  This photo is from several years ago, when we also had a pear tree, before the drought got it. A big dead sprig of Bermuda grass is showing throught the fence - it wasn't fooled. Grass is rather cautious, but fruit trees, weeds, and this old lady are naive and trusting.

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  • Anonymous

    Fooled or not,what a lovely photo of the dandelions. It shows off that cheery yellow color so nicely. Very pretty!

  • Lil Raggedy Angie

    ahhh the simplistic beauty of the dandelion , when you know winter is still to rear it's ugly head , they are a funny lil treat , a gentle reminder that winter cannot last forever ! I too was fooled , at least into daydreaming of Spring and all my projects ! Have a great evening ! ~hugs Angela

  • Paula

    What a beauty of a picture. Even dandelions can bring us cheer at this time of the year

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