Monday, February 8

Handy Victorian Tags, and Cast Down on Valentine's Day

Less than a week now, to Valentine's Day 2016.

I'm always relieved when Valentine's Day passes each year. For me, it's been a yearly lesson in keeping your chin up, having maturity of thought, and being humbled. Husbands, past and present, have never given me a token of their love on this day of days. 

My present husband has given flowers to neighbors and to his favorite female co-workers, when he still taught. One of my more ego-busting moments was picking him up from work one year, and when his bouquet recipients learned I had received no flowers (he proudly told them), they each kindly picked a blossom from their bunches and gave them to me. What can a person do? It was sweetly meant, and painful.

I do make sure that I have my little decorations up around the house. They are cheery and I can participate in the pretty end of Valentine's Day, if not the romantic end.

Click to see the designs better. JPEGs are smaller files, but a PNG is also available for better print quality.

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  • Sweet Sue

    sending sweet v-day wishes, may your day be as sweet as you:) xo

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Aw, thank you, Sue! It will be another bust, but I have a plan - 1/2 off chocolates the next day!!!

  • Paula

    These are so sweet. I was blessed to have a very romantic husband who often gave me flowers! Not just for Valentines Day. For all days. And always a huge box of chocolates on V-Day! He was such a jewel. I would have beaned that husband of yours with a rolling pin!!

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Paula, sometimes I would like to bean him! I'm so glad your hubby was romantic! What a wonderful gift to you. Something to treasure now!

  • TheCrankyCrow

    Awww... I swear men are an entirely different species. I remember well the day my husband humiliated me in front of a bunch of contractors (for no reason) and turned around and bought flowers for an acquaintance because she was "having a bad day." What the heck?! Maybe we both should take beaning lessons. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  • Cynthia

    Aw, that's sad that you have gotten no Valentine flowers from a beau. I say, send yourself a big bouquet! Maybe he'll get the idea then.
    Yesterday at the grocery store they were handing the ladies each two carnations and on the way out someone had left theirs in their cart so I snagged them and have a pretty bouquet on my table. My guy doesn't do flowers but he will write a few sweet words and that's enough for moi.

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