Saturday, February 13

Flourish Tags for Valentine's, and Victorians Loved Bright Colors

Some bloggers participate in a meme called "Pink Saturday," where they post pink things. I don't participate, but today, I have some Valentine's gift tags or scrapbooking tags featuring a coral pink.

It's funny that pink is one of those colors that is either blue-based or yellow-based. I always think of pinks as either of the "bubblegum pink" family or "coral pink" family, and my taste for which one is "prettiest" varies by season and by use. 

I do love a clear, blue-based pink. It's such a happy color. But coral pink has been growing on me, too, especially paired with a turquoise blue. 

The very bright colors of the "mod" end of the 1960's were usually blue-based, as in the "shocking pink" hue and "neon blue" hue. I wonder if the reason so many vintage cards seem to feature coral pinks is that the paper aged to an ivory base, turning any pink into a yellow-based one. 

Supposedly, Victorians favored vivid blue-based tones. We only think they liked the muted tones because the pigments and papers and fabrics have aged. Inside folded seams of skirts and waistcoats, the bright and even tawdry shades remain.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday and the printables, and thank'ee for stopping by! As usual, you can pick from a JPEG version (smaller, not quite as clear) or a PNG file (far bigger, clearer). Click on the little thumbnails to blow them up and save them.

These are my last Valentine's printables for 2016. Now it's on to St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Spring!

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    Stopping by to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for such lovely images. And . . . I spotted another copy of The Vicar of Wakefield at the thrift shop today. I have never seen it before and now two within a short period of time, fun! I didn't get th second cupy, though. One is enough.

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