Thursday, March 10

Free Printable Children's Easter Bookmarks

I think a book tucked into an Easter basket would be just the thing. It could even be one of those sugary sweet stories, so as to keep with the theme of candies and confections.

Children's literature, in my day, was filled with frightening, sobering, and sad scenarios. I wonder if it's the same with "young adult" literature today. Even as far back as third grade, the books had many an unsettling theme. Black Beauty, Beautiful Joe, and My Friend Flicka were all quite tough on the tender mind.

And here are some bookmarks to go with the book! Big bookmarks for little hands.

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  • Paula

    So many of the books for young adults now deal with fantasy and vampires....I'd take Black Beauty any day!!

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    I know, the whole vampire-teen thing passed me by - I see many Manga books for teens, too, with strange and adult themes....perhaps the dimming of the American dream accounts for the dark turn?

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