Monday, March 7

Olden Day Fabrics, and Primitive Hare Ticking Tags for Easter

Here are some hare-raising tags. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Ticking - I love the name! Such an old fabric, woven to keep down feathers from escaping from mattresses and pillows. It's interesting to me how certain fabrics and weaves were gussied up with a traditional design, just for the beauty of it.

Few people know the difference between material types and weaves any longer. I guess it's just not necessary. For example, many think twill and satin are fabrics, not weaves. They are distinctive weave styles and can be made from many different types of threads. And even the threads have different names and types - combed, twisted, and so on.

Something I miss very much is batiste for nightgowns. Even at the more "high-end" stores, batiste is missing in the lingerie departments. Perhaps this is not true in Europe or the Northeast, as I don't have access to those stores. 

I always had beautiful batiste nightgowns, usually in palest shell pink, when I was a young woman. They were often finished with a small smocked panel at the neckline. Batiste de soie is how they were known: Exquistely soft and light, but opaque. It seems to me that not only has society been quite coarsened, but the objects we use have become so, too.

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  • Contrastes-Rosa Mª

    Gracias por las etiquetas que nos muestras , son preciosas. Referente a los tejidos e hilos es cierto lo que dices , hay infinidad; sobre la tela de batista tenemos suerte de encontrarla , yo suelo utilizar como se denomina en España batista Suiza, es muy fina y es la ideal para cosas en miniatura. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog y por tu comentario. Feliz semana:-)

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Gracias por su comentario! Y feliz semana a usted, tambien. Lo siento, mi Español es muy facile y malo.

  • Buttercup

    Enjoyed your post. I had those nightgowns, too, often as gifts from my mother. The brand we liked was Barbizon and I loved the embroidery.

  • Paula

    A good education on fabrics here! Love the hares!

  • Prims By The Water

    Very interesting about the different weaves. Love your hare raising tags! Janice

  • ~Kim at Golden Pines~

    I've not thought about batiste nightgowns for a very long time. I also had them, as did my Mom -- I've a feeling that if I look through my Mom's cedar chest, there is probably one tucked away in there that I've forgotten about. Thanks for the memory and the fun tags too, I've "pinned them" for later!

    I hope your week is off to a good start!

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