Sunday, January 3

Roses in Winter - Printable Sachet Envelopes

Today and tomorrow I'm posting printables for your creating pleasure. 

I was admiring the potpourri envelopes at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store the other day. I think they are wonderful in both design and scents, but they are not good for my pocketbook. 

So here are some smallish potpourri/sachet envelopes to print, cut out, glue, and fill. Once filled, you might even want to take an old hatpin and poke some holes around the flower designs on the front, to let the scent out a bit more.

I printed out three sheets onto cardstock at Office Depot to make these mock-ups, but I think PAPER would work better, unless the cardstock is quite thin. I think paper just "gives" a bit more, and it lets the scent out better.

Remember to click, click again if you get a little magnifying glass with a "+" in it, then right-click to save. Click somewhere other than the center or the silly olde Pinterest "P" will send you to Pinterest.

Here are the instructions, followed by photos:

  • Print out however many sachet envelopes you need.
  • Cut them out
  • Score (if you can) the folds, then fold
  • I have kind of a double score-mark on the envelopes, in case you want to put quite a bit of filling in them. You'd need to score both lines to make a fatter pouch. I decided to just put in a little scented material and not mess with any extra scoring and folding.
  • Glue the thinner of the long sides to the wider of the long sides. The long sides don't have curved parts to them.
  • Fold up the bottom flap (curved) and glue it atop the seam you just glued
  • I used FAST GRAB glue but thinly applied hot glue might work
  • To let it all "set" well, I put a heavy book on it for about a minute
  • Spoon in the scented material you wish to use. I used lavendar and cinnamon. I know the picture shows cloves, but I put them back and got the cinnamon
  • Now glue down the final flap, which is the top flap. I stuck the top part back under the heavy book to set the glue
You can put them in sets of three and tie with ribbon or string, if you like (one for the underwear drawer, one for the hankies and tees drawer, and one sneaked into husband's sock drawer).

Thank'ee for stopping by. Tomorrow the sachet design features violets.

The instruction photos are in the opposite order they should be, and I'm too naughty to fix it.

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  • Anonymous

    The envelopes are perfectly lovely! Thanks for sharing. And Cracker Barrel . . . I love that place! Brought back memories when I read your post.mWe used to have o e less than five miles from our house. Officer Friendly and I, both morning people, went there for breakfast early every Saturday morning until little GN moved in with us. You just don't wake up a little kid to take them out for breakfast at 6:00 a.m. That particular Cracker Barrel has been gone a long time and the closest one is too far away. Fond memories though. We loved the table by the fireplace and I loved browsing the shop after we ordered our food!

  • Carol Z

    These are lovely. No Cracker Barrels close by, but this is a nice way to get the pleasure without the cost. Definitely a winter afternoon project. Wishes for a very happy and healthy 2016.

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Oh yes, GNG, you have to get there by 6 a.m. on Saturdays if you don't want to wait an hour for seating! Sorry to hear the CB shut down. There's something a bit sad about a closed restaurant.

    Carol, sorry no Cracker Barrels nearby! Yes, these are an easy afternoon project that will send you back to the cut-and-paste days!

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