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Beginning 2016 with A "Keeper" Recipe: Potato Fans

Oh, you might have seen this recipe already, in other permutations. I have seen a very fancy version where the potatoes are held vertically in muffin tins.

It's just simple potatoes, sliced thin and baked/roasted in the oven.

While just a red, yellow, or white potato (not a baking potato), it is somehow elevated above and beyond the common spud.

And, the recipe is easy. I have no idea why there are so few GOOD recipes out and about in this olde world. You'd think there would be thousands of delicious ones out there, but no. They are scarce! Some sites are bursting with recipes, all of them BAD.

  • Pam or a little oil
  • Medium-sized potatoes, not baby potatoes, nor gargantuan roots.
  • A tablespoon of oil (I use olive oil) and a tablespoon of butter or margarine per four potatoes, melted together, with the following added:
  • Spices (Salt, Pepper, and OPTIONAL: Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and Herbs de Provence).
  • Very thin slices of cheese. If you eat meat, you can also place very thin slices of ham here and there.

Wash however many potatoes you wish to use. I allow two potatoes per person for a typical appetite. My son can easily eat more, so I put four in for him.

Peel the potatoes. Don't ever eat any greenish flesh on a potato, dearies. Peel it right off.

Rinse, pat dry, or let air dry.

Holding the potato at each end firmly, slice it into rounds. Keep pressure on the potato so the slices stay together in the original shape of the potato.

Spray your casserole dish with Pam, or rub oil around on the interior.

Place the sliced potatoes, still in their original shapes, in the cooking dish. IF YOU WANT TO, you can slice ANOTHER potato or two and tuck several of the rounds into each empty nook, and get more in there.

Every few slices, tuck in a piece of cheese no larger than the potato rounds. You want very thin cheese that you can just place between the slices.

Pour the oil/spice mixture over them.

Bake in slow oven (350) for about 1.5 hours minimum, middle rack. I keep a tinfoil tent over mine for about 45 minutes, then remove. The edges should be browning, but the potatoes should not be too dry.

We like spicy dishes, so we tuck in jalapeno cheese slices. I like to add sliced green olives, but olives can be a divisive addition to this dish. Sometimes I dust the potatoes with Crab Boil or Shrimp Boil before baking.

Thank'ee for stopping by. 

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  • Anonymous

    It's only 5:30 in the morning and I want to turn my oven on and make these potatoes! I had an aunt an uncle who ran a potato warehouse in Idaho when I was very young and just knowing that always made me partial to potatoes. GN is going to love this, also. Thank you.

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Gracious, GNG, I think the pneumonia is keeping you awake? Or are you an early riser, as am I? Your uncle's Potato Warehouse (deserves capitals due to its precious contents) is intriguing! Special trains run from fields to warehouses for potatoes, and for sugar beets. Roots are amazing foodstuffs.

  • Joanne Noragon

    Hello, and thanks for dropping by. I had quite the search to find your blog, but worth it, and I'm signing up.

  • Sabrina

    This looks delicious!

  • Paula Kaye

    I have never seen potatoes made this way. But I want to try this!! Saving this recipe!!!!!!

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