Monday, February 1

Music Tags / Collage Sheet Free Printable

At LSU, one of the older buildings was labeled "MVSIC," with the "U" in the "V" shape, in an attempt to appear lofty and ancient, I suppose. The Latin alphabet lacks the modern letter "U." But we laughingly referred to it as "Mivsic," so the attempt to elevate our sophomoric minds failed.

Here we have a set of tags featuring yellowing sheet music. I received a similar tag on a gift, once. The floral accent had been glittered. I still have the tag and have it hanging on a birdcage. It's one of my favorite "vignettes" in the house, which is relatively bare.

For beautiful, large hearts made from real sheet music, check out the handiwork on this blog post from Goodnightgram. 

Her hearts are gorgeous, and big enough to pair with a ribbon and tie onto a chair back. I'm on the prowl for old music now, so I can make some, too!

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  • Anonymous

    LSU? You're gonna at least appreciate the setting of my favorite childhood (Valentine) read!! I can't wait to see the music you find for your sewn hearts. My book old oragn music book was tattered around the edges, but there was still plenty page letf for the hearts. I love your mvsic tags!!! ��

  • Paula Kaye

    Love these tags!!

  • Anonymous

    I make handmade cards and these will make super inserts thanks

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