Wednesday, December 30

A Sheet of New Year's Tags, Featuring Penguins

My son's fiancee found a penguin in her yard last year, and she doesn't live in some snowy area. I'd love to live where one finds penguins in their yard, and yet has citrus fruit trees heavily laden in that same yard. That's the miracle of the coast of Uruguay. Penguins and satsumas!

Here is a little set of tags for New Year's, in case anyone is baking and bringing gifts for New Year's.

Do you have the tradition of serving black-eyed peas for luck, and cabbage so that you'll have plenty of folding money in the new year? I grew up near the coast of Louisiana with the black-eyed peas part, but got the cabbage-money part from a friend who grew up on the coast of Mississippi.

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  • Paula

    When my husband was alive we always had a pot of black eyed peas for New Years. But the kids don't like them so I don't make them anymore. I love these little penguins.

  • Anonymous

    I make Prosperity Soup for New Year's Eve and I 've seen some recipes that call for black eyed peas and cabbage.

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Paula, I will eat some peas for you and transfer over the luck associated with them!

    GNG, Prosperity Soup is just a fantastic name! Intriguing!

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