Thursday, December 31

Beloved Prismacolor Pencils, of Thee I Blog

I love reading the blogs on my blog list. (I need to publish that list, actually!) Sometimes I comment on the posts, haltingly, and never with the elegant words I wish to find. But some posts move me or amuse me, and I want to let the blogger know that.

The other day, I was so happy to read a post saying that a blogger I follow and admire got some Prismacolor colored pencils to color with for the coming year. I put some bland comment that didn't really express how delighted I was.

I am frankly entranced with Prismacolor pencils and other high-quality pencils (sadly, I get no free pencils for blogging about them). In fact, I love certain colors of Prismacolor pencils so much that I even put some of them into my "bug-out bag."

Bug-out bags, y'know, are in case a very bad event with very little lead time occurs, such as a flash flood or earthquake. 

You always have a bag packed with some clothes, money, meds, first aid items, power packs, strike-anywhere matches, protein bars, glucose tablets, pet food, water purifier, etc., and you grab it on your way out. Everyone in the family has a bug-out bag. I have a backpack as my bug-out bag, and in with all the sensible items, I have extra Prismacolor pencils in certain hues. 

Specifically, I have two Chartreuse pencils, a Lilac, a Violet Blue, a Tuscan Red, a Crimson Red, a Sky Blue, an Ultramarine, and a Sunburst Yellow squirreled away in there. I really don't want to run out of the Chartreuse.

Decades ago, I was a graphic designer. If some calamity hits, I'm ready to design something or do some coloring-in. The picture below is of Sophie and some of my favorite colors. If Sophie sees the camera and is not in the shot, she becomes despondent, so I put my little diva in many pictures.

I think for Valentine's I'm going to use some rubber stamps and make some freestyle tags, embellished with bits of ribbon and lace and colored in and around the edges with my faithful Prismacolors. Here's my new storage box for the colored pencils and such:

As always, thank'ee for stopping by.

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  • Anonymous

    I learned something new from you in a previous blog when you wrote about the Prismacolors. Inhad never heard of them and I haven't been one to color. I knit and get my color fix thwt way. But I must tell you that I bought three of the pencils today , just to try them out. By your description, I can tell they will be better than the ones I used in grade school a l-o-n-g time ago! What colors? Well, Chartreuse of course and Process Red and Mulberry. :-) Happy New Year!

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Oh, I LOVE your color choices! And PR and Mulberry are DEE LIGHT FULL shades!

  • Paula

    I got new pencils for Christmas but they are not Prismacolors! Mine are an upgrade from what I have and I love them. Coloring, to me, is such a stress reliever. I am loving it!! Happy New year!

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