Tuesday, December 22

Homemade Firestarters from Old Wax Tarts

I had to go back and change the title of this post, dearies. It read "Homemade Firestarters from Old Tarts," and that just did not sound polite.

My planned post was going to show how I would take used-up scented tarts that have lost their scent from being warmed so much, and turn them into fire-starters by pouring the melted wax into paperboard egg cartons. Alas, the egg cartons proved unworthy, and dripped hot wax all over, even though the cells looked sound. Holes appeared when I poured, and I guess it was a "holey mess."

I interrupt this sad tale to place a free page of Tabby Tags here. Rest of story is below the tags. Remember to click, click again, then right-click to save sheets of tags. Thank ye.

Anyhoo, I will say that my OTHER method of making firestarters does indeed work. I take either fast-food bags and put one inside the other, or use lunch bags (they are thicker), singly. Then fill with pinecones about 3/4 full. Try to get the cones that are still young and haven't opened much, because they pop and spit delightfully while burning. Lastly, pour in the wax on top of the cones. Close up the bag and it's ready to put under some logs and and light. 

Posted below are some "thank you" tags with a colonial motif. I guess I'm just tag crazy, because I use them for everything.

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  • Paula

    What a wonderful way to make fire starters. We don't use our fireplace inside anymore. I put my fish aquarium there. But we had such a time starting a fire in the fire pit this past summer. These would be wonderful for that. And I never thought to use the melted wax from my Scentsy for anything else. You are so talented!!

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    I like your aquarium idea! That would look great the entire year!

    I use my Scentsy's so much - had to think of something to do with the old wax - and I love going and collecting the pine cones when my knees are behaving.

  • Prims By The Water

    Thank you for both the firestarter tutorial and for these amazingtags. So sorry to hea that the egg carton method did not work...but at least you found a way to do it. Merry Christmas! Janice

  • Buttercup

    Your tags are great. I'm out of tags and you've solved my tag problem beautifully. As ever, thanks!
    P.S. One hip is really shot, so I think there's no tap dancing in my future.

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Thank'ee for your comment, Janice! Yes, the egg carton was a flop. Still good for starting seeds, though!

    Carol, so sorry to hear about your hip. Definitely no good for tap dancing. "Tap, Tap, Brush Brush OWWWWWW!"

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