Monday, January 25

Add A Knob to A Jar Lid Tutorial

Well hello, dearies, and Happy Monday. If TGIF means "Thank God It's Friday," what does OSIM mean, I wonder.

Oh, I love every day! I like getting up early and getting to work. 

I've been placing drawer knobs or drawer pulls on canning jar lids for ages, well before "Mason Jar Fever" set in with the hipster bunch. And I thought I'd put up a little tutorial, so people could see how easy it is. And wouldn't you know - the day I decide to do so, I stopped by Michael's Arts & Crafts store only to see an entire BIN full of jar lids with knobs, for less than the price of a knob. Well!

But - with knowing how to do it, you're not limited to their selection, and when canning jars fade out of favor, you'll still know how to do it. When choosing a jar lid, be sure to use a one-piece lid. The two-piece lids don't lend themselves to it very well, but you could use a two-piece if you like, and certainly you can if the jar is decorative and you won't be using it alot. 

The tutorial is simple, and here's what you need:
  • Jar lid
  • Drawer Pull
  • Hacksaw for metal or side-cutters
  • Hammer and nail that is slightly wider than the width of the knob's bolt
  • Piece of wood, like a 2x2, or other small piece to fit under the lid, so that when you hammer the nail in, the lid does not dent down (if using a hammer and nail)

If you have a hacksaw for metal, use it. Otherwise, use some side-cutters.

  • Take your lid and mark the center. I just eyeball it. My husband tried his fancy geometry stuff and put the hole off-center. 

  • Tap a hole into the lid, at the center mark. I used a nail and hammer. Husband used a drill, to avoid flaring out the lid, but mine worked fine, too. Put the little piece of wood underneath the lid, and tap in the nail from the top of the lid (the good side) down. Pull the piece of wood off the nail and remove the nail.

  • Get the knob ready. Snug up the nut on the drawer pull to near the bottom of the knob. BUT don't screw it up all the way, because you need to leave some room for the thickness of the lid, and you need to have a bit of bolt sticking out from the nut. Please see the photo of where the side-cutters are going to cut. Note there is at least an extra thread showing between the side-cutters and the nut and washer.

  • Use a hacksaw to cut, or if using the side cutters, you will have to squeeze, rotate a small turn, squeeze, rotate, etc. Then when you are back where you started (might have to go around a few times if you cannot squeeze hard), you turn your wrist towards the floor (still squeezing with the side-cutters) and pop the end of the bolt off. It will shear off. Discard the bit of bolt you removed.

Note: Cutting the bolt shorter messes up the threading. You must leave a bit of the bolt sticking out of the nut. That way, you can use the nut to "rethread" the messed-up part of the bolt where you cut it shorter. It straightens the threads and allows you to take the knob apart, place into the hole, and replace the nut on the underside of the lid, along with the washer, to hold the knob in place.

  • Take your knob and remove the bolt. Place the knob's bolt through the hole in the lid, then turn lid upside down, place the washer onto the bolt first, then the nut, and snug the nut.

As always, thank'ee for stopping by. I used to confuse which was the "nut" and which was the "bolt." I finally managed to keep them straight by thinking of the bolt like a lightning bolt - the piece longer than the nut.

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  • Anonymous

    Loved this post!! Even the knobs on the jar lids are cute. I did not know Hobby Lobby had knobs, so guess where I went today? Yep. Not for a jar lid yet, but I wanted to spiff up the closet I have in my dining room.I decided my doors needed a knob-ectomy, but didn't want to go to the hardware store. I found some very pretty knobs at Hobby Lobby and the doors are alreay spiffed! Thanks for the information. Yea!

  • Anonymous

    p.s. I decided to call the store Knobby Lobby! That was so much fun!

  • OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts

    this is so much fun. There was a mom/pop hardware store that we had been going to for over 40 years. The big box stored finally did them in. But at there going out of business sale, all us old timers and regulars got special discounts like free, on knobs and dod daddys. I have a bunch and didn't us a whole flat of canning jars last year. I think I've found my valentine gifts for the kids teachers right here at your place. xoxo Oma Linda

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Hi, dearies! Glad the knob post was helpful! I gravitate to things like that. I do wish I still had the doorknob from when I was a child, and would poke around on a plantation that had fallen to ruin. I am going to wrack my brain for its name. It had Oaks in it. Maybe Twelve Oaks. I had a gorgeous knob for a long time.

  • Buttercup

    These are so cute. I wish I were craftier, but any directions that include hacksaw are way beyond me. Always enjoy my visits here.

  • Paula

    I always thought those knobs were just super glad on. This is brilliant. Can't wait to make some

  • Paula

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Lil Raggedy Angie

    You are always so sweet and sharing the coolest stuff ! I personally prefer the variety of being able to choose my own hardware vs going with the ready made and mundane ! I so feel ya on the OSIM! Enjoyed my visit here , even if I am playing catch up , looking forward to your next project ~ Blessings Angela

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