Tuesday, January 26

Pretty Pom Poms from Vintage Dress Pattern Tissue Paper Tutorial

Now dearies, when I went to that Antique Junque store, I grabbed up some bundles of dress patterns. I think it was six patterns for $1. Some were old and some were more recent. 

I didn't want the patterns for themselves, but to use to make some "shabby" pom poms. I saw them decorating another booth, and just had to make some for myself.

I'm the person at work who makes pom poms for birthdays. Whatever the person's favorite colors are, I make pom poms in those colors and decorate their offices with them, along with festoons of crepe paper streamers and tissue paper confetti. I made the pom poms at my desk today. No one batted an eye, because I'm always making a pom pom of some sort. And with oil down dramatically, I didn't have a lot of work today.

To make these, try to find either uncut patterns or patterns for adults (I bought a pack with too many kids' patterns), and preferably for large items like skirts. That way you have a lot of tissue to work with, and can get quite a few from each packet.

For a small to medium pom pom, stack at least nine sheets of tissue. I cut mine into rectangles about the size of a sheet of letter-sized paper for my largest pom pom, and smaller for the little ones.

Then fan-fold the paper. Don't go too thin, and don't go too wide. And press down very hard to put a good crease. Then twist a long wire (or a piece of string) around the middle of your pleated sheets. 

Now cut the ends into a rounded shape. Cut pretty far down on each side; don't just round the very ends (it hasn't been rounded yet in picture below). Gather the pleats, round with scissors. You are giving a nice rounded petal shape to the edges of your pom pom.

Then start making your pom pom. Pull up the first sheet of tissue towards the wired middle. Be gentle. I do a 3-step pull: Pull one side, then the middle, then the other side. I do about three sheets, ONE AT A TIME, then I switch to the other side of the pom pom and pull up three, ONE AT A TIME. Keep pulling up, switching from side to side.

Now flip the pom pom over and work on the "underside." Pull up three on one side, then three on the other, and keep switching off. 

So, you're working it two ways: Each SIDE, and each END.

You will end up with a fluffy ball. I use the ends of the wire to attach the pom poms to things.

One thing that is so cute is to just pull up one side of the pom pom. It makes it like a flower, with a flat base. Fun to just sit on a desk or atop a box or can or a gift.

There are many better tutorials for making pom poms. Try Youtube!

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  • Joanne Noragon

    I was thinking you needed a video, and then I got it! Cleva, cleva, cleva.

  • Paula

    What a brilliant idea. I will be keeping my eye out for old patterns now!!

  • Anonymous

    Very clever way to use the patterns. And I think the color and markings on the tissue make for interesting flowers. Fun! I was interested that you get to make them at work!

  • Lil Raggedy Angie

    Awe , aren't you just the sweetest, everyone should have a coworker as thoughtful and talented as you ! I have TONS of patterns , I think Princess and I may have to try these on a rainy day soon ! Have a great evening ~Blessings Angela

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