Friday, January 15

Big "Be My Valentine" Free Printable Banner: Part 1 of 3

Have you ever been following a blog and suddenly you notice that it's not in your feed anymore? What does it mean? Does it mean the person "threw" you off their blog, or could it be a glitch of some sort? Two blogs I enjoy suddenly were just not there. I missed several posts. Horrors! I put myself back on their blogs, and if they disappear off my blog feed again, I guess I'll have my answer as to glitch or removal.

Here is a larger banner than the single-paged "Love" banner of a few days ago. It spells out "Be My Valentine" when complete. There are two lighter pink "polka dots" at the top to punch holes in and string ribbon through.

I just love banners, and hang all manner of them for every season.

Today, we have the "Be My" part of the free printable, along with some red rose "spacers" that might look nice at the beginning or the end of the banner. The "My" part is the only time I spell out an entire word on a single piece of the banner. The rest of the banner is spelled out letter by letter, and on the last day there are also more "spacers" with pink roses on them. Each letter-sized sheet holds three letters or three spacers. Thus, it takes four sheets minimum to print it out.

Tomorrow I'll post the "VAL" and "ENT" parts of the banner, and finish up on Sunday with the "INE" and some more "spacers." 

I notice the pink I chose as the background color appears peachy on a different monitor. I may go back and make some with a definite "blue-based" pink instead of a yellow-based pink.

Thank'ee for stopping by. 

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