Thursday, January 14

"Special Delivery" Valentines to Print

I doubt any of you are old enough to remember when string was used to tie up packages to mail. We called them "parcels" back then, and the post office was mighty particular about how a parcel was wrapped and tied, dearies. We used paper grocery bags as the paper to wrap them in, and cotton string for tying. 

Later, everyone used "horse tape" to seal the parcels. I can remember using a wet sponge and getting the horse tape the right amount of damp. Stamps were "licked" then, too. 

But school Valentines were either placed in tiny ungummed envelopes, or folded. 

Here are some tags/Valentines of my own design, but featuring olden time illustrations of children. Hope ye enjoy, and thank'ee for stopping by. Tomorrow I will start to post the "Be My Valentine" large banner.

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  • Joanne Noragon

    Brown paper packages, tied up in string....of course I remember. There are many older people in my town, and I've waited behind them at the post office as they put their brown paper packages on the counter.

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    I miss the old brown grocery bags. They were so useful. They aren't offered at all in my area anymore. And the kraft paper by the roll just isn't the same feel as the bags.

  • Kay

    Hi there! Thank you so much for your visit wonderful comment. Horse tape? I've never heard it called that. What fun! And string on packages? Oh yes! I remember that very well.

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