Friday, January 8

Free Pretty Valentine's Banner to Print Spelling "LOVE"

This is just a wee banner that will print on a regular letter-sized piece of cardstock or paper.

It's done in pinks, with a lovely Victorian rose design motif. I wonder who painted or etched that rose? Beautiful work. I remember Granny's "dusting powder" being in a pretty box with roses on it, and I remember when cardboard boxes covered with fancy designs were quite cherished and used to keep mementoes, paper, hankies, and so forth safe.

Speaking of which, at work some copier paper came in this lidded box, which I promptly took home and just love. Yes, it has writing on it, but I was just so pleased that someone had thought to make this box beautiful, perhaps knowing how many of us store things in such boxes.

For the banner: Just print out and cut, then either punch holes or just poke holes through and thread onto a ribbon or bit of string. Something to give it a bit of extra oomph: Place the triangles on slightly larger triangles cut out from pretty paper.

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  • Paula

    Oh I love the little banner!! I will be using this for Valentines Day. Do you ever make bigger banners that could be strung across the fireplace mantle?

  • Lil Raggedy Angie

    Lovely post and how generous of you to share that sweet banner .I hope to find a project to use it with and will look forward to returning to share with you once complete. I m a new follower and look forward to future visits. ~Blessings Angela

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Paula Kaye: I do indeed make bigger banners, and I have some Valentine's ones made and ready to post in the coming days!

    Angela: So happy to "meet" you and THANK YOU for stopping by and your kind words!

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