Saturday, January 9

A Happy Saturday Graphic

Just an altered vintage graphic to wish you a Happy Saturday, wherever you are! The pansies are in full bloom here, despite the snow of a few weeks back. Some Johnny-Jump-Ups also weathered the storm and are blooming. Their festive faces are so nice to see.


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  • Anonymous

    Well, I learned something new already this morning! I had never heard of Johnny-Jump-Ups, so I checked out a photo. I thought they looked like pansies. When I researched further, I learned that they are sometimes called wild pansies. All I can say now is "Lucky You!" They are sweet and I'm glad you have some blooms. What a fun name for a flower.

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    GNG, the landscapers planted the pansies at work - it was all very coordinated and "professional." Then, some seedlings started up here and there - and the Johnny-Jump-Ups had invited themselves to the display! I love it - they are sprinkled all inbetween the solid blocks of colors, with their tiny multicolored faces peeking out like flower imps!

  • Joanne Noragon

    How cheerful. We are in the rain and waiting for the snow.

  • Bhavesh Chhatbar

    So so so good to see you back! I came back a few days back, but comments were turned off. Glad that I am able to say "Hi" to you now, and able to appreciate your work. Brilliant indeed :)

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Joanne, I hope the snow will not be too bad where you are!

    Bahavesh, how nice to see you again. And I see your photography is as gorgeous as ever! You are truly gifted.

  • OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts

    What a sweet Saturday morning cheery message. JJups are so precious and their sweet faces are adorable. I'll have to wait until spring but this image will do the trick for now. xoxo Oma Linda

  • Paula

    I simply love pansies. But I don't have any planted. Something is wrong with this! I should look into planting some

  • Dips Recipes

    Good jjob

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