Monday, January 18

Free Printable Easy-Cut Treat Hugger Valentines / Collage Sheet

Here we have some Valentines that are easy to print out and cut out. Each has a "halo" of color so that your cutting needn't be exact.They are about 2 x 3 inches. 

I saw some fancy die-cut treat holders and thought I'd try for my own version. I like them best, actually, just as little cardstock paperdolls offering a hug. Candy is optional. I need to make some with longer necks for bigger treats to work, anyway. Maybe just sticking a "kiss" onto the tummy, with arms bent to be outstretched, might work.

After cutting, use a glue dot and place a treat such as one of those mini Tootsie Rolls on the chest area. Fold the arms over the treat and use another glue dot to make the arms "hug" the treat, or maybe use a bit of tape. These are fun for kids to give out. Don't try for perfection in something that's going to last a minute or two! 

Left to right on the sheet, we have a bear, a cat, a chihuahua, a mouse, then a seal, a piggie, a froggie, and a fox.  The seal was easy; I just gave the mouse an earectomy.

What does the fox say? Well, it doesn't SAY much. It does shriek like a strange bird and make a person jump out of their skin. I battle some gray foxes each year. Dearies, the foxes are winning. The battle was decisively won on their part when they stuck their frightening heads through the "look out" hole in the fence and gave one of their shrieks at me, disregarding completely the baby carrots I was throwing at them to scare them away. Later, they ran back and forth on the roof just to rub in their victory. Not very polite, really.

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  • Anonymous

    Such cute treat-huggers! My granddaughter just LOVED "What Does the Fox Say?" She is the one who showed me the video. Sorry about your battle with the foxes. Yikes!

  • Buttercup

    I'd be shrieking if foxes and I came face to face. Another very cute Valentine treat!

  • Kay

    Oh my! You do share the cutest, most adorable little things!

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