Sunday, January 17

Part Three of "Be My Valentine" Printable Banner

And here, dearies, is the last bit of my free "large" printable banner/bunting for Valentine's Day. The letters are not in order, because that way I was able to reuse two of the letters from the last file, and just switch out an "I" for the "T" that was there. We must save pixels whenever we can in case of a worldwide pixel shortage some day.

Thank'ee and enjoy!

3 Elf-Friends have commented... :

  • Anonymous

    Pretty printable. Thanks for preserving pixels. I keep my spare pixels in the cookie jar because I don't bake cookies. ;-) Happy Sunday!

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    Thx, GNG! Someday someone may need to borrow a cup of pixels from you!

  • Buttercup

    These are sweet. Just beginning to think about Valentine's Day. My goal is to make cards -- don't always make it, but you've given me incentive.

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