Tuesday, January 5

It's Twelfth Night 2016! And Some Birthday Girl Tags

Dearies, it's Twelfth Night, beginning at sundown! This marks the end, for many, of the "holiday" season and, for some, the beginning of "carnival." 

When I was very young in New Orleans, a very long time ago, we began the tradition of "King Cake" parties from the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6th) until Lundi Gras, which was the Monday right before Mardi Gras, the last day before Lent began. The parades rolled day and night in those days right before Mardi Gras. 

One fine day, I will write all about those times. But for now, it's too bittersweet,  even after many decades, to think about the days when my little world was all still alive, and as one of my aunts, now long dead, put it, "going about their business." 

She had been talking about distant friends and family and said that the phrase was a comfort to her, and that although she didn't contact people much, she knew that "everyone is just going about their business" and in other words, was alive and "safe."

Anyhoo, here are some tags for birthday girls. Today features "birth month" girls and their gems from January through June. The girls were naughty and aren't in calendar order, but they are all there. Tomorrow will be posted those from July through December. I'm putting up a .jpeg file first, then the much-larger .png file second. PNGs have better quality, but are huge.

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  • Anonymous

    Now aren't those graphics clever. At first glance, I though they were rings with the birthstones in them. Then I enlarged themimage and saw they are girls in fancy dresses. Very clever the way that was done.

  • Joanne Noragon

    We used to say no news is good news. Now all news is instant, good or otherwise.

  • Paula

    Very cute little girls! I hope someday you can tell us more stories about growing up in New Orleans. Soon, now, I will have to take down the tree!

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