Thursday, January 28

Printable Kokeshi Dolls Valentines

And here we have some simple Kokeshi Doll Valentines for collage, Valentine's Day, tags and so forth.

When I was quite small, I had a pair of Kokeshi Dolls with white hair, and I thought them the epitome of fashion. Little did I know my own hair would soon turn prematurely gray and white!

In the 1960's, white hair -- not platinum -- was often depicted on Hallmark cards and other commercial items, as well as on the Kokeshi Dolls. And does anyone remember the white and silver lipsticks?

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  • Anonymous

    These are so cute. Love the colors. Sweet little facial expressions. Love the one with heart earrings on the bottom right! That would be me with heart earrings on Valentine's Day!

  • Paula

    These are just too cute!! Yes I well remember white lipstick. I never wore it but it was around. Mine was that pale, pale pink stuff that looked like chalk on my lips!!! LOL

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