Sunday, February 28

DIY: Turn A Metal Trellis Into A Message Center

I have long admired many of the metal climbing guides I find out in the garden centers of stores, and even in Hobby Lobby. They have elongated metal stakes to push into the soil, and the idea is that you place them near a seedling, and it will be "trained" to grow up the trellis or guide.

Out here in West Texas, the drought has put an end to my gardening. Our ground water is so salty some people are raising shrimp in it, and unlike the wealthy oil families, I can't have water trucked in. So I have another use for those small metal trellises.

My husband has made me little tables from cedar fence boards. I asked him if he could drill some holes and let me place the trellis legs down in the holes. Then I could use my little clothespins to hold notes, cards, and other paper goods in place.

He got out his drill -- the same drill he bought 40 years ago for 25 cents at a yard sale and repaired (he can fix anything) -- and drilled me the holes. Then I placed the legs of the trellis into them and had an instant "memory board," "pin board," or "message center," whatever you call it. Click the collage (not on the "P") to make it bigger.

My little trellis is made of mini chicken wire, and I got it from Hobby Lobby for $3.50. 

I have quite a few of those padded fabric ribbon boards at home, and they get constant use. I needed another place to put my mementoes and messages, and the trellis just fit the bill. I'm putting my bills that are due on it, so I see them and don't forget about them, and a few sprigs of fake flowers, for cheer.

Tomorrow, I'm going to string up some pretty sea-blue twine, and use the clothespins to clip paper items to it. That won't be a "working message center," but rather something to use to display seasonal paper wares.

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