Saturday, February 20

Easter Bunny Bookmark and Tags to Print

And here we have some printable tags featuring Easter bunnies and rabbits with various poses, colors, and expressions. Some of the white rabbits look very knowing indeed.

I once lived in a log cabin on an island up near the Canadian waters, in the cold northern Pacific, and it was quite overrun with black and white bunnies. Someone had let out quite a few pet rabbits, it was said, and they went forth and multiplied. I loved them and enjoyed watching their antics.

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  • Anonymous

    Well you sure have lived in interesting places. Did you enjoy the log cabin on the island?

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    I liked the log cabin very much. It had been a kit home made in the 1950's, and it was very small - 400 square feet. But the island had very few jobs, we were perpetual outsiders from "off-island," and it was cold year 'round. But it was a beautiful place.

  • Paula

    We have a pretty good rabbit population around my house too. Lots of babies hidden in the garden! They scare the daylights out of me when I accidentally uncover a nest of them. Living in an old log cabin sounds like an adventure

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