Friday, February 19

DIY Vintage-Style Chenille Figures for Easter or Any Holiday: Tutorial

It's easy to make vintage-style chenille figures. 

I've gathered some cute vintage images so you can make a batch of them for decorating! I found most of these vintage images after I made a few decorations - now I want to get some white chenille stems and make some lambs, too!

After making a standing bunny, I've decided I actually like the plainer, non-decorated animal figures better. They look more "vintage" to me. My last photo shows a "plain" bunny. But if I try to make a little "Easter Bonnet Girl" using one of the vintage heads, I do believe I will make a little crepe-paper skirt for her.


  • Chenille "Bump" Stems in your choice of colors.
  • The chenille stems I bought had three bumps total. I used regular scissors to cut them into two uneven pieces (one with two bumps, one with one bump)
  • Cardstock "heads"
  • Glue


  • Bit of ribbon, needle and thread to gather it
  • Small piece of crepe paper streamer to put around middle
  • Small bits of felt to glue on as "hands" and "shoes"

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