Monday, February 15

Feed Sack Teapots and Coffeepots - Cute Tags for Spring!

I love fat teapots and squatty coffeepots, vintage feedsacks and flour sacks, and pretty spring days. I think it will nearly reach 80 degrees today, while the east and midwest shiver.

Here are some little tags for decorating.

I've been looking for a vintage percolator recently. I want the kind that can sit on the stovetop or above a campfire on a grate. Presently we have a "K-cup" machine, and K-cups, even at the outlet stores, are rather expensive. I'm hoping to cut down on the cost of my coffee habit.

JPEGs are the top sheet, and PNGs are the bottom sheet. Remember to click, click again, and then right-click to save! 

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  • Anonymous

    Shivering Midwest checking in to say hello! Best of luck finding a stove top percolator. I have always liked that method the best. Makes the house smell so good, more "green" as far as the waste goes, and as you mentioned, more economical. Cute graphics!

  • Joanne Noragon

    A vintage percolator saved my life once. It was cold, cold winter, our power was out for three days. We had two fireplaces, we had lanterns, I had no coffee. End of the day I was so crazed I went crashing through the camping gear with a flashlight in my teeth, and came up with the percolator. It takes more than an ice covered limb crashing down to turn off the gas, by golly. I had coffee.

  • Paula

    I love Joanne's story!! Those are such sweet graphics. I used to have one of the coffee pots. Sadly, I sold it at a garage sale

  • Cynthia

    Your tags are all so tempting. Alas, no printer here ....
    So I'll just enjoy looking at them on your blog!

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