Tuesday, February 16

Luck O' the Irish Printable Tags, and My Barking Dog

As I am preparing this post, my beloved half-Bichon Sophie is barking up a storm, and throwing in some low growls and back-feet kicks. "Is it Curly Tail?" I ask her, "Or is it that Weiner Dog?"

Sophie knows the "names" of the dogs that are regularly walked by our home. She gives them the dressing-down they deserve for strutting by without permission to be on her street, and for not having on sparkly rhinestone collars like proper dogs should wear when in public.

Sophie has several different kinds of barks. One kind is for dogs, one for cats that are not "her" cats, one is to taunt the neighbor's dogs when she is told she's about to go on a walk, and the fourth is for strange humans.

We never hush our little Sophie when she barks. She has no words - her barking is her speaking. We have no boundaries with this dog. She even sits on the table while we eat. We feel like the luckiest doggie parents in the world, to have gotten this silly dog.

Here are some little green tags to print for St. Paddy's Day, mayhap to bring some of that famed Irish Luck into your home.

Click the file, and click again, to see how it looks blown up. Then right-click to save.

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  • Paula

    I used to be able to differentiate the barks of our dog. Now we only have a fish! Love the tags!!

  • Cynthia

    My cat has a vocabulary of meows, too. Just a few minutes ago she and I were having a pleasant discussion in the kitchen and she stopped mid-sentence when the dog walked in and spoke to the dog in a completely different voice. Aren't they funny???

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