Thursday, February 25

Harlequin Eggs and Hopes for Pysanky Making

Easter is so early this year that I might not have time to do any pysanky. I love the geometric patterns made on the eggs, and the rich colors. Yes, my hands are a bit shaky, but surely the babushkas in the Ukraine have shaky hands, too.

But I have to have weather warm enough and dry enough to work outside, because I'm so klutzy that I might spill the extremely strong dyes in the house, and my dog and the silly cats would be into it in moments. I guess I might try to use a stool and sit by the sink, if the weather does not cooperate.

Here are some harlequin eggs to print and use for tags, decorating, cards, and more. They are sizable eggs - more like duck eggs or goose eggs than chicken ones.

My House Mouse Update: Sir Mouse must be coming in and out of the house somehow. I see him now and again, and he's getting bigger. I think we're getting used to each other.

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  • Joanne Noragon

    I grew up in a babushka neighborhood, Italian and Polish. Someone made pysanky eggs, but I cannot remember. They are lovely.

  • Prims By The Water

    My gramma B wore a babuska. Love the color combinations of these eggs. Alas Easter is very early this year and probably wont put out much decor because we have too many shows to do. Janice

  • Paula

    EEEEKKK!! I can remember a few years of dying Easter eggs outside! Fun! I will have to look for those pictures!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you get the time and weather for some pysanky. It's so beautiful. The harlequin eggs are very sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cynthia

    It's nice to think that you and House Mouse are coexisting. Soon it will spring and hopefully he/she will remove the family to the great out of doors. :-)

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