Thursday, February 4

Musing About A Chicken Potholder, and More Facebook Header/Cover Designs

Some people like to change their FB headers, or "covers," as FB calls them, frequently. I am certainly constantly tinkering with my actual decorations each season, and have been changing my FB to match. 

Here are a couple of Valentine covers with a pretty birdie. One features "2016" and one does not.

As always, thank you for stopping by. I'm teaching myself "Armenian Needle Lace" at the moment and hope to have a bit of a piece to show in the next few days. I have always liked needle lace, because it's so portable, and speaks of the past. 

The past was not perfect or even very nice, in many ways. But one thing I did love was how efforts to make pretty and useful things mattered, and were attainable by the poor. Unfortunately, the truly destitute were simply out of luck. But during the Depression, before the war began in the U.S., my grandmothers, very poor, were able to "pretty up" things for their families.

One thing my maternal grandmother did was make needle lace edgings and crocheted edgings for linens, including potholders. She made a crocheted edging using rick-rack as a base for many efforts, including her little chicken potholders. 

I'm working on making up a pattern from the one potholder I still have. I really don't want her handiwork to vanish! The little chicken is just adorable. So, stay tuned for photos and patterns!

It seems to me now that people feel they must have "designer" and expensive things to decorate their homes. They want $1,000 purses for their daughters to carry to school, and think little of spending $2,000 for a prom dress. It's like the bar has been raised, and I don't think it's healthy. It seems mean-spirited, and false, but then, I'm old-fashioned in many ways. It just seems to leave out ingenuity and heart. It's all about money, now -- or the appearance of it.

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  • Joanne Noragon

    A nice tribute to the needle skills of our mothers and grandmothers. I remember the nightgowns my grandmother made me, the yoke seams with pearl cotton feather stitching. My mother's cutwork and embroidery was exquisite. I'm looking forward to the potholder pattern.

  • Paula

    Oh my gosh $2,000 for a prom dress. I am not sure I can even afford $200. Can't wait to see the chicken pot holder. I remember my mom putting a crochet edge on our linens!

  • Anonymous

    Your grandmother sounds much like mine . . . she did beautiful needlework with tatting and crochet. She also braided rugs. I am looking forward to seeing your Armenian Needle Lace.

  • Prims By The Water

    My gramm B did needlework and crocheted pretty edges on pillowcases after embroiering them. Look forward to seeing your handiwork. Janice

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