Wednesday, February 3

Pretty Header or Facbook Cover for Valentine's Day

Here is an altered copyright free vintage image of two cherubs and a pretty floral heart. Might be nice for a FB cover (why do they call it a "cover"?) or an image on a blog. I don't care for overly bare cherubs -- these are nicely draped.

As always, thank you for dropping by!

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  • Christine

    It's ever so pretty & I prefer nicely covered cherubs too!

  • Anonymous

    Ou, these modest cherubs are sweet and just what I would have seen at my parochial primary school so long ago! Fun. I see that you have added labels for your crafts and recipes, etc. Thank you. I have been coming back for the potato recipe! I could mark the page, save the link, take a screen shot of your recipe,but I prefer to leave it as it is and just come back to thw source. Thanks for the the labels!

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