Tuesday, February 2

Vintage Cats and Dogs Kids' Valentines Free Printable Images and Cards

I love the freshness, energy, and sheer oddness of "off-brand" mid-century Valentines. Here is a small collection of "cleaned up" and slightly altered school Valentines for your printing and crafting pleasure. Many were die-cut, and some featured gilding (usually silver) and glitter. You got a lot of clever designs for your 25 cents or so. Today's Valentines, like the rest of the curriculum, are dumbed down. The puns are gone, and the vocabulary is simple.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes! I remember those Valentine puns. I thought they were clever and fun. I was always 'egg'-cited to read them! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! BTW: Sheesh! I saw the mess of spelling my big fingers, no reading glasses, and iPad made of my recent comments. Sorry!

    p.s. When I get the chance today, I am going to post a pic of a fun thrift shop find that made me squeal in the store yesterday thanks to something on your blog, which I will explain. Oh happy day!

  • Paula

    I wish my kiddos were still sharing Valentines at school. These are so cute!!

  • Prims By The Water

    Reminds me of the Valentines I gave at school many moons ago. Janice

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