Monday, March 14

Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere - Free Printable Tags for Easter Baskets

These images are from a piece of old wrapping paper, featuring anthropomorphic bunnies enjoying spring with their friends, the butterflies.

Did you remember to "Spring forward" yesterday? I was finally used to real time - now that dratted Daylight Savings Time is here again! When I lived in Tucson, we didn't have to bother with it - Arizona sensibly keeps it on real time all year long! 

JPEG and PNG files are below. Avoid the "P" unless you wish to Pin the image. Click on the edge of the image, then right-click to save when the bigger image pops up.

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  • Buttercup

    So cute! You may not want to visit today. I've got monkeys and I know your feelings about them. Only one is a real monkey.

  • Anonymous

    Hard to pick a favorite image today. They ar festive. I remembered to spring forward, but then looked at the wrong clock when I was visiting with someone. I had two clocks left to adjust when I started chatting and then used one of those two unasjusted clocks to gauge my chat. Oops!

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