Sunday, March 13

Vintage Strawberries and Vintage Memories of Them

I love strawberries. I love everything about them: The leaves, the little flowers, the seeds a la Fibonacci, and of course, the taste.

When I lived in Arkansas, we lived on quite a bit of acreage, and on the banks of the creek that chuckled by the house, tens of thousands of wild strawberries grew. They were tiny, tiny berries, coming after yellow blossoms (the commercial berry and man-bred berry has a white one), and the taste is indescribable, except to say they were the "truest" strawberry flavor on earth.

I love a wild yard and houses set in the midst of it. Oh, not an unkempt city yard, but a natural yard, where nature wasn't scraped up by a bulldozer and remade in some cheap contractor's plastic vision of non-native plants set among swaths of sad lawn. 

One place I lived was out in the country, up in the far Northwest, somewhat free of the idiotic regulations of town life -- somewhat. I didn't plant a lawn, much to the horror of my neighbors. I planted Dutch Clover, and never had to mow. My neighbors complained, sneered, threatened to contact "authorities," and then followed suit in "clovering" their land. I had creeping wintergreen all over, too. The dogs' feet smelled delicious after they were outside.

Here are some tags that might be pretty decorating your home. Thank you for stopping by. Click, look, click again for a closeup, and right-click to save. I was a bit messy on this set, and wasteful of ink, but I like the leeway in cutting them out.

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  • Susie

    When we were kids, my siblings and I , we picked wild strawberries too. They were along the railroad tracks. Some in a field where the water tower stood....that was the year I had the worse poison ivy ever. I was too young to know the leaf and suffered for a long time that year. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  • Anonymous

    Your tags are beautiful. Inlove the "U Pick" one. It reminds me of when I followed a sign that pointed the way to a u-pick blueberry place. It was a piece of heaven on a bluff on the east side of the Mississippi River. It's a good thing to follow u-pick signs! When I was a kid, I ate clover like it was a salad green. Not aure how I even knew it was okay to do that, but seems like it was!

  • Cynthia

    My grandpa knew where the wild strawberries grew and always picked them for us. And they were heavenly! And tiny.
    I love your idea of a clover yard. We don't have much of a yard and don't even try to grow grass as it's pretty much sand where we live. We have the tiniest little wildflowers that pop up out of nowhere. A variety of soft colors, sizes and shapes. Unless you are paying attention (which I usually am -- fire ants you know) you wouldn't even notice they were flowers. Such adorable little strawberry tags.

  • Buttercup

    These may be your prettiest post ever. I'd love to see the wild strawberries. Wishes for a great week!

  • Sylvie

    Your strawberry tags are just gorgeous. They really highlight the berry's beautiful form & color. I'm going to have to find a project just to showcase them. Thank you for sharing.

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