Friday, March 4

Pinch-Crazy Prevention: St. Pat's Clovers to Cut Out and Wear

At work, they are frankly pinch crazy on St. Patrick's Day. If you are so unfortunate to forget to wear green that day, you will receive many a sharp pinch, with some loving to pinch more than once, and people coming down from other floors to search out more victims.

Here are some little graphics to print out and have handy if you, too, might encounter some people who are prone to imitate crabs. I am not a "pincher," and really dislike the birthday "tradition" of "a pinch to grown an inch." Maybe that's why I have grown ever rounder - all those pinches.

Work is hectic. With so many getting the ax, those left are frantically training those hired to replace them. Don't ask me how they even have the heart to do it. For every person "let go" because of the economy, supposedly, they have hired two in their place. Hunh?!

The competent people were fired, the incompetents left could not pick up the slack, and then young people were hired to replace the orginal, good workers. Since the young people they hired lack good work ethics, they don't keep up with the work and don't really have the skills to do so, or the brains to care. So, another young person is hired, too, to help the helper. We have assistants with assistants with assistants now, all of them so self-important that I've actually had them call me to come "look for their cell phone" or "bring a bottle of water" or "put this letter into an envelope." Now, this isn't to denigrate all young people, but the particular bunch they hired are dreadfully immature and unpleasant.

It's all going to topple down soon, but I'm just working, keeping my head down, and wondering about the ways of this crazy world. And I sure hope the new hires forget to wear green March 17th.

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  • Anonymous

    Yikes! If someone tried to pinch me and I saw it coming, they might end up with a broken wrist. Instead of hoping the new hires forget to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, I hope they forget to come to work. Doesn't sound pleasant. Love the graphics. It's almost time to watch Brigadoon!

  • Paula

    I am so glad I don't work anymore. Your workplace sounds exactly like the place I left. So stressful. Love your little graphics. I will have to print them out and pin one on as I am sure a grandchild or two will want to pinch me!!

  • New Haven Roofing

    Great reead thank you

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