Thursday, March 3

Shabby Bunny and Chick Tags / Banner Pieces for Easter

Here we have two similar tag / banner piece sets. One has a "warmer" tone than the other, but that's the only difference. 

I had all kinds of ideas for a fun post, but by the time I'm off work, done with dinner, laundry, pets and other chores, I usually draw a blank and post an image with little chitchat. 

I'll share that I have heard two songs that I had never heard before, and now I listen to them again and again on Youtube. These songs are so pretty! One is "Come Down from the Tree," and the other is "Seasons of Love." I heard both at a memorial service this past Sunday. The singers sounded professional, and indeed they were, being musical theater people. 

I have a singing voice that is banned in 52 countries. It's not just untrained; it's horrid. But I often sing despite its sound, when no one is around. My father had a fantastic singing voice, and could whistle and yodel beautifully.

CLICK to open (avoid the "P"), click again, then right-click to save!

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  • Christine

    Hello! These are just darling! I'm counting bunnies in my sleep at the moment as spring has sprung!
    Have a lovely day and sing to your heart's content!

  • Paula

    I, too, sing with a terrible voice. But I love to sing!! I will go off to You Tube to check out those songs.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the names of the two songs. I will be checking them out right after this comment. Don't stop singing. Don't let anyone tell you to stop. My dad never sang, but boy oh boy could he whistle. He could whistle the piccolo part to Stars and Stripes Forever. I thought the whistler that started the old Andy Griffith show was good til I hear my dad. The music background on your images is fetching!

  • Prims By The Water

    My singing would be banned in every country...its bad. These bunny labels ar just adorable! I will definitely have to find a way to use these. TFS Janice

  • Deb Riddell

    Those are adorable, thank you! My Dad has a wonderful singing voice as well but sadly the musical gene was not passed down to me. But man can I belt out a tune as I'm driving down the road by myself - with the windows closed of course :O)

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