Thursday, December 17

A Sweet and Quick Gift - Print Out and Tie to Cake Box

No drama at work yesterday. Or rather, it wasn't my drama. I just work as the Sword of Damocles dangles above my poor olde donkey head. 

I'm living on a shoestring this holiday season! And it's a mighty thin string, too! But here is a gift for us thrifty folk: It's a little booklet to print out and cut out and punch a hole in the upper corner and tie together. I ran the instructions alltogether so that you could see how easy it is to make the wee booklet.

Then just wrap up a box of cake mix and tie the little booklet onto the wrapping. Now your friend has a teeny recipe booklet and a cake mix right there, and can start baking. You can add the other ingredients for one of the recipes, too, or even a wooden spoon, if you like. 

These "cake mix cookies" are not as wonderful as regular cookies, I don't think. Not quite. But they are much better than store-bought boxed cookies. And they are easy to make. That's half the battle, right there. My better half loves them, which is somewhat insulting, as he doesn't seem to care for my carefully created springerle cookies and the pains I take to keep them white.

I hope this little gift will come in handy for you. One of my favorite novels, The Vicar of Wakefield (a very olde book it is, too, dearies), has a remark in it about the vicar's wife: She is forever contriving all sorts of money-saving ideas and schemes, none of which save much money. I hope that isn't the case, here!

 As always, thank'ee for stopping by.

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