Thursday, February 18

Pastel Easter Tags, and Fruit Stripe Gum

Oh, remember that Fruit Stripe gum, with the darling animals and the striped pieces? I loved that gum -- not the flavor, which lasted only a moment, but the graphics (especially the zebra) and the colors.

Here are some striped Easter tags featuring vintage images and pastels.

Click, click again to get to full size, and right-click to save. Today I have a JPEG file up to print or save.

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  • Paula

    I loved that gum too! But you are right the flavor was gone in a minute. Must have been why I ate all of it pretty quickly. (Notice I say ate...yep, I swallow gum) Cute graphics!!

  • Anonymous

    I remember the stripes! I was a gum freak in my younger years and had to try all of them! Great memories, though. Cute tags to boot!

  • Olde Dame Penniwig

    I'm old enough to remember "Stripe" toothpaste, too - with the festive red stripes. I am not sure, but I thought I remembered Pepsodent with stripes - maybe not - I recall Colgate as white, and Crest as a minty blue -

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