Wednesday, February 17

Hilda and Her Flour-Sack Two-Piece, and the Word "Bikini"

I remember when "two piece" bathing suits were common - before everything seemed to become, and be called, a "bikini." How many knew that "bikinis" hark to the outfits worn in the Marshall Islands and the Bikini Island/Atoll, later destroyed by U.S. nuclear testing? A veritable island paradise was ruined, native people's homes and livelihoods destroyed, and cancers and radiation deaths resulted. War and the preparation for war - it is terrible, and how can it stop? Will people ever live without wishing to destroy or take over others? No sooner does one group stop its nonsense, than another begins.

I don't think Big Hilda much cares about these philosophical discussions. Oh, I am sure she would care, if she thought about it, but this precious creation of Duane Bryers is usually found enjoying a simple and wholesome life. Mr. Bryers, during WWII, painted propaganda, to help with the war effort. His dark and frightening images from that time are a far cry from sunny and sweet Hilda. I bet he was thoroughly sick of war when he invented Hilda.

One of my favorite images is this one, featuring the homemade and thrifty bathing suit. I hope you enjoy it, too. My little doggie Sophie knows the word "bikini" - it means the little step-in harness that goes around her front. It looks like a bikini top. If we say the word "Bikini!" she goes wild and runs to push it with her nose- time for a walk.

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