Wednesday, March 2

Loopy Voting Lines and Some Pretty Easter Clock Tags to Print!

Yesterday I voted in the Texas primary. I tried to pick an off-the-path polling place, but they all were packed. It had what I call a "Disneyland Line." That's a line that at first appears somewhat reasonable, but the longer you inch along, the more you find out that it isn't. There were hidden loops of about 50 people per loop all along the length of it, and although the ballot was short, people took quite a bit of time with it.

I stood about 35 minutes before my turn. It was not disabled-friendly at all.

Here are some "tapestry" tags featuring Easter motifs. Might be fun to print out! JPEG and PNG versions are posted.

Thank you for stopping by, as always.

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  • Anonymous

    Our caucus location was not disabled-friendly either. We were in a high school . . . a very large high school and it was packed. I stood because the metal stools were not grammy friendly. My hip is reminding me today that I stood so long last night. Your tapestry tags are very sweet.

  • Paula

    This political campaign is bringing out the long lines I guess. We haven't had our primary yet!!

  • Deb

    Very pretty, thanks you! Deb xo

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